Monday, January 09, 2006

O's Up Offer and Get Patterson

Baltimore and Chicago agreed on a trade earlier today sending two minor league players to Chicago in exchange for Patterson. The minor leaguers involved in the trade were both upgrades over the original offer................More to come later.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Thomas Still Rehabbing, A's Interested In Signing If Healthy

For some time now the A's have had interest in 1B/DH Frank Thomas but not till this week will their interest be serious. Thomas is scheduled to be cleared within the next few weeks from his injury and then they will discuss a deal. Thomas is very willing to play for a team where only the DH spot is open and in reality the A's need one more big bat. The A's have made a few moves in the offseason and have been able to complete all their moves without trading Barry Zito which is a big accomplishment.. Nick Swisher has 1B locked up in Oakland but Oakland does not have a DH or player qualified to fill that spot. Thomas has indicated to his agent in the past that he would play for the Twins but he prefers Oakland because of his poor career stats at the MetroDome where he is only a .266 hitter.
Credit A's still eyeing Thomas and San Fran local radio

Saturday, January 07, 2006

1-8-06 Update

Molina Still Unsigned, That May Change Soon Says Blue Jays GM

Catcher next on Ricciardi's to-Get list Toronto Sun

Reports out of Toronto papers have GM Ricciardi in talks with Molina and apparently the number of years maybe the final sticking point.The Jays who have spent big money this offseason would possibly make their biggest move by signing Molina. He would help handle possibly the best rotation and one of the better staffs in baseball with his great game preparation and great arm. If I was Toronto I would jump on this deal now and take Molina for the 4 years he wants.

Washington Post Confirms Story On Tejada and Patterson
Tejada Tells Orioles He Wants to Stay Washington Post (registration required):

Both stories from yesterday are confirmed in the Washington Post today regarding Miguel Tejada and Corey Patterson. Registration is required to read the article but it is free to register. I have a feeling we will not see an O's deal with the Cubs after the two sides had on and off talks regarding Tejada.

Clemens Not Settled On What To Do

Clemens, not Astros, on hold Fort Worth Star-Telegram (registration required):

Retirement may not be in the plans of Roger Clemens but he sure does know if he is gonna play this year it will be under his terms which include:
1) Road trips are optional unless he is pitching.
2) Late spring training arrival
3) If the team falls out of the race after August 15 he can opt to stay home on days he is not pitching.

Will the Rangers accept those terms is the question that will have to be answered if Roger tells them he is willing to play.

Epstein Close to Returning To Red Sox Front Office

At forum, Epstein keeps things vague Boston Globe:

Theo Epstein may be willing to return to Boston in a lesser role to help the Red Sox. Right now this team needs the help after losing out on many deals this offseason they still have the Manny debacle to deal with and his daily change of heart isn't making Red Sox faithful sleep any easier at night. Epstein would take on a advisory position so he would not have to answer to the team president Larry Lucchino. Epstein always enjoyed working for John Henry the owner but he did not share the same feeling for Lucchino.

1-7-06 updated



Tomorrow morning at the Baltimore Orioles fan convention VP Mike Flanigan will announce to the Oriole fans that Miguel Tejada will stay in Baltimore this season after canceling his trade demand. MLB GM INSIDER has also learned that Tejada was approached by the organization via Melvin Mora who is a very close friend of Tejada. That conversation led to Flanigan and Tejada discussing the possible deals and eventually leading to Tejada agreeing to stay. The minute the Red Sox stopped talking Manny for Miggy the O's realized they were not going to be able to get sufficient talent in return for Tejada. The O's were ready to pull off a deal last week for Manny Ramirez and Matt Clement with some other prospects involved but Manny at that time had his agent demanding that the final 2 years be picked up which carried over 40 million combined and that was too much for Peter Angelos O's owner to take on especially with Boston only willing to pick up 10% of the contract. At no time were the O's going to accept the Cubs offer of Prior, Patterson and Hill for Tejada and Bedard and the O's were very serious when they asked for Zambrano and Pie from the Cubs and there was no way GM Jim Hendry was going to think about that. So Tejada stays....Manny stays for now or until he decides to see a shrink.

Cubs Close To Trading Former Top Prospect
O's had deal done till Nationals entered into talks

GM Jim Hendry has had discussions with numerous teams this offseason regarding Corey Patterson but not till now has it gotten serious. Apparently the O's are interested in Cubs CF Corey Paterson despite his struggles from last season. The O's front office is high on Patterson and feel that with good coaching he can be a 30-30 player which he was close to being a few season ago. The Cubs who were ready to send their CF to Baltimore earlier this week in return for 2 minor leaguers INF-Bryan Bass and P-Chris Britton have now entered into talks with the Nationals.

Britton shown above left Bass above right

MLB GM INSIDER has learned the Nationals may be offering a more lucrative tandem including a pitcher with MLB experience in Ryan Drese and prospect Brandon Watson. The Cubs are holding out hoping to land a potential #4 or 5 starter and some Cubs scouts feel Drese is that player.

Manny Situation Gets More Confusing

Ramirez Still Wants a Trade, at Least His Agent Says

The NY Times is reporting (see above link) that Manny Ramirez's agent is insisting that Manny is still demanding a trade. I assume his agent is right despite other reports but Boston needs to cut its ties with Manny and avoid another debacle during the mid-season. With Tejada off the market I can see the Phillies getting involved offering Abreu, Ryan Madson and Cole Hamels in return for Ramirez and Wells.

Should Boston Trade Manny Ramirez Even If He Takes his Trade Demand Off The Table?